Registration and Stamps Department is related to some of the most important events in person’s life. It incorporates buying and selling of immovable property, payment of stamp duty, marriage registration and such activities. It is estimated that about two crore citizens avail the services of the department annually.

The Registration came into force in India in 1908. However its foundation is seen in document registration system used by the then East India Company in the 18th century in areas under its rule. During the British period, the authority to register documents vested with the Magistrates. Later on, a separate system was evolved for this purpose and thus a separate registration department came into being.

Collection of tax through Stamp Duty began in 1815 in Mumbai. Thereafter in 1827, separate system and offices were established for sale of stamps and collection of stamp duty in the Bombay region. Thus, the system of stamp duty collection has a history of about two centuries.

After independence, the Registration Department functioned under the Revenue and Forest Department under the control of the Settlement Commissioner. Considering the nature of work, expanse and importance of Registration Department and Stamps Department, a new department was formed in 1988 by merging the two departments. This new unified Department of Registration and Stamps started functioning under control of Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps.

Since then, the graph of this department has been consistently on the rise. The new activities included streamlining of stamp duty rates from time to time, conceptualization of Market Value and implementation of annual statement of rates. These measures led to increase in the revenue of the department and in turn have significantly contributed in the development of the State. Today, the Registration and Stamps Department ranks second after Sales Tax Department in terms of revenue collection.

In the last few years, the department has made significant changes in the system of document registration. ‘SARITA’ the computerized system for registration of document was introduced in 2002. In 2012 ‘i-SARITA’ a centralized web based online registration system was introduced for efficient registration. The department has also introduced online facilities like e-Payment, e-Search, e-ASR etc. The department has recently introduced ‘e-Registration’, an online registration system to facilitate registration of first sale of flats in large housing projects and also of leave and license agreements, without having visit to the Sub-Registrar’s office. The department is continuing its revolutionary steps for delivering speedy, efficient and citizen friendly service.

Name of officers holding the charge of the post of

Inspector General of Registration, Maharashtra State.

Sr.no Name Date
From To
1. Mr. V.N. Karandikar, I.A.S. 14-10-1988 30-04-1990
2. Mr. S.C. Kothari, I.A.S. 01-05-1990 31-12-1992
3. Mr. Ghansham Talreja, I.A.S. 25-01-1993 19-07-1993
4. Mr. A.S. Surve, I.A.S. 24.07.1996 29-03-2000
5. Mr. K.B. Bhoge, I.A.S. 03-04-2000 30-04-2000
6. Dr. Nitin Kareer, I.A.S. 01-06-2000 08-06-2004
7. Mr. Om Prakash Gupta, I.A.S. 08-06-2004 18-05-2007
8. Mr. Ramrao Shingare, I.A.S. 18-05-2007 30-08-2010
9. Mr. S. Chockalingam, I.A.S. 30-08-2010 10-02-2014
10. Dr. Shrikar Pardeshi, I.A.S. 10-02-2014 07-04-2015
11. Dr. Ramaswami. N, I.A.S. 07-04-2015 27-04-2017
12. Mr. Anil Kawade I.A.S. 27-04-2017 22-01-2020
13. Mr. Omprakash Deshmukh I.A.S. 22-01-2020 Till Date